Mahmoud Shukair

Born in 1941 in Jabal al-Mukabbar, Jerusalem, Mahmoud Shukair is a distinguished Palestinian writer who studied philosophy and sociology at Damascus University. He faced imprisonment twice by Israeli authorities and was exiled to Lebanon in 1975. After 18 years of residing in Beirut, Amman, and Prague, he returned to Jerusalem in 1993.


For several years, Shukair was engaged in teaching and journalism, and he held the role of editor-in-chief for the cultural publications Al-Talia’a (The Vanguard) and Dafatir Thaqafiya (Cultural File). He also held leadership roles in the Jordanian Writers’ Union, the Union of Palestinian Writers and Journalists, and the Palestinian Ministry of Culture.


Widely recognized as one of the Arab world’s premier short story writers, Shukair has seen his works translated into multiple languages. His literary contributions span 45 books, including nine collections of short stories and 13 children’s books. Beyond literature, he has been an active contributor to television, theatre, and various print and digital media platforms. In 2011, he received the Mahmoud Darwish Prize for Freedom of Expression, and his 2016 novel, Praise for the Women of the Family, earned a nomination for the Arabic Booker Prize.

Books Written by Mahmoud Shukair