Mansoura Ez Eldin

Mansoura Ez Eldin is an Egyptian novelist and short story writer whose works have been translated into more than ten languages. She was selected among the top 39 Arab writers under 40 for the Beirut 39 festival.

To date, she has published three short story collections and six novels. Her novel “Wara Al-fardoos” made the shortlist for the 2010 Arabic Booker Prize.

Her short story collection “Nahwa Al-jonoon” won the Best Egyptian Short Story Collection award at the 2014 Cairo International Book Fair. Her novel “Jabal Al-zomorud” won the Best Arabic Novel award at the 2014 Sharjah International Book Fair.

Additionally, the Serbian translation of her novel “Achilles’ Shadow” made the shortlist for the Milos Crnjanski Prize for Literary Translation, organized by the Serbian Literary Translators’ Union.

Ez Eldin has also authored a travel literature book titled “Steps in Shanghai: On the Meaning of Distance between Egypt and China,” which won the 2021 Ibn Battuta Prize for Contemporary Travel Literature. She currently serves as the Executive Editor of the Egyptian newspaper “Akhbar Al-Adab” and is also the book section editor.

Books Written by Mansoura Ez Eldin