Masada Al-Yami

Masada Al-Yami

Masada Al-Yami, born in 1978 in Najran, Saudi Arabia, stands out as a prominent figure in journalism and literature. She boasts a diverse academic portfolio with diplomas in Public Relations and Media, Computer Science and Business Management, Nutrition, and Family Counseling. Al-Yami’s journey in journalism demonstrates her deep commitment to enriching cultural and intellectual domains. Her diverse roles in journalistic dialogues highlight her remarkable contributions to the field.

Her literary talent shines through her collection of short stories, from “Sawt Al-Share” in 2011 to “Al-Badela” in 2022. Al-Yami’s works reflect her engagement with cultural, social, and national themes. Her active participation in cultural and social events, as well as national occasions, cements her status as an influential cultural figure.

Beyond her writing, Al-Yami dedicates herself to education and inspiration, engaging in numerous courses and lectures. This reflects her passion for sharing knowledge and promoting literary and cultural growth.\

Masada Al-Yami: A Luminary in Journalism and Literary Interviews

In journalism, Al-Yami has made significant contributions. She spent about seven years at Al-Yamama Magazine as a collaborative journalist, enriching various sections like culture, arts, and folklore. Her reports, investigations, and dialogues have greatly enhanced the magazine’s content.

Her first journalistic publication, released in 2021 by Rabee Publishing, is a collection of interviews with seven prominent Saudi and Arab intellectuals and creatives. This work, originally serialized in Al-Yamama Magazine from 2016 to 2019, spans 122 pages.

Her second publication, “Under the Moonlight,” compiles 30 interviews tracing her path through electronic newspapers, Al-Yamama Magazine, and Al-Jazeera Cultural. Published in 2022 with Athar Publishing and the Najran Literary Club, this 240-page book begins with a tribute to the late Fahd bin Rashid Al-Abdul Karim, former editor-in-chief of Al-Yamama Magazine.

Masada Al-Yami’s third book, “Harbors on Literary Creativity (Journalistic Interviews),” was released in collaboration with the Northern Borders Club and Dar Al-Intishar Al-Arabi in 2022. This 236-page book, featuring interviews from Al-Jazeera Cultural under Ibrahim Al-Turki’s supervision, covers a range of literary perspectives from creative minds in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, and Oman.

Al-Yami’s contributions to journalism and literature extend beyond skill; they serve as a source of inspiration and exemplify her unwavering commitment to cultural and intellectual discourse.

Books Written by Masada Al-Yami