Mohamad Al-Asfar

Mohamad Al-Asfar

Mohamad Al-Asfar, a Libyan writer, novelist, and literary figure, was born in 1960 in the Al-Mahishi district of Benghazi. He obtained a teaching diploma in 1979 and a secondary literary certificate in 1982. He then worked as a primary and preparatory school teacher while also playing football for the Libyan club “Al-Sawa’ed”.

Al-Asfar began his writing career in 1999 in cultural journalism. He contributed to Libyan, Arab, and international newspapers and magazines, including Al-Nahar, Al-Hayat, Al Jazeera, and CNN. Additionally, his work appeared in the New York Times and Herald Tribune.

Al-Asfar’s Literary Achievements and International Recognition

Al-Asfar has published over 20 literary works, including novels and short story collections, such as the short story collection “Hajar Rashid” in 2003, the novel “Al-Madasa” in 2003, “Taqoduni Najma” in 2004, “Nawahi Al-Riq” in 2004, “Sharmoula” in 2005, “Sarat Al-Kawn” in 2006, narrative texts “Hajar Al-Zaher” in 2006, “Yana Ali” in 2006, “Shakshouka” in 2009, “Asal Al-Nas” in 2009, “Malh” in 2010, “Farah” in 2010, articles “Libyan Patient Revolutionaries” in 2011, “Ministry of Dreams” novel in 2012, “Box of Happiness” novel in 2019, “Tamr” novel in 2019, “Trumpet” novel in 2021, “Penalty Kick” novel in 2022, short story collection “The Hero Dies from the First Shot” in 2022, “The Taste of Feather – Otherbesh” novel in 2023, “Jamaica” novel in 2023, and most recently the novel “Shajarat Al-Qalaid” in 2024.

Some of Al-Asfar’s works have been translated into English, Spanish, and French. Two of his novels, “Farah” and “Malh,” have been translated into Spanish. Several of his short stories have been translated into English by the well-known Libyan novelist Hisham Matar. His story “Hikayat Jurub” was adapted into a short film, winning the Innovation Award at the Cairo Short Film Festival in 2013. He was also invited to Spain to sign his translated novel “Farah” and participate in a panel discussion organized by the Arab House, affiliated with the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Madrid.

Books Written by Mohamad Al-Asfar