Mohammed Achaari

Mohamed Mohamed Al-Achaari (Morocco). Born in 1951 in Zerhoun.

He received his primary and secondary education in Zerhoun and Meknes, followed by law studies in Rabat, from which he graduated in 1975. He is the editor of Afāq magazine and works as a journalist for the Socialist Union newspaper in Morocco.

He has been responsible for the Moroccan Writers’ Union since 1989.

His poetic anthologies: The Whinny of Wounded Horses 1978 – Samples as Big as a Dream 1981 – The Diary of Fire and Travel 1983 – The Saga of Rain 1988 – Water Poems 1994. His other creative work: Was a Difficult Day (a short story collection) in 1992.

Books Written by Mohammed Achaari