Mohamed El-Matarafy


Mohamed El-Matarafy is a Saudi short story writer and novelist. Among his notable literary works are the novels “A Blue Dog Barking Beside the Bed,” “The Portrait of James Dean,” and “A Cup of Coffee with Jack Prewitt,” along with very short stories titled “The Last Hemingway Kick” and a poetry collection named “As If Your Departure Were a Joke.”

His short story collection, “The Missing Letters of Adam Halazon,” made it to the longlist of the Al-Multaqa Award for Arabic Short Story in its sixth edition 2023-2024 in Kuwait.

His first short story collection was published in 2018 by Rawafed Publishing House under the title “An Old Violin.”

Mohamed El-Matarafy has written in various literary forms, expressing in a newspaper interview that all literary genres possess the same value and capability to convey ideas that suit them, as it’s the idea that determines the genre of the text and what suits it.

In a newspaper interview, El-Matarafy explains his passion for very short stories as they challenge the writer and the text, testing his ability to create astonishment, stating: “I don’t think about the recipient when writing the text, I only think about the text itself.”

El-Matarafy focuses on anthropomorphizing things and crafting diverse and independent lives for trees, musical instruments, and animals in many of his stories, such as “A Strange Horse,” “Birds’ Freedom,” “The Body of a Tree,” “Ten Sparrows,” “A Family Portrait,” “A Last Mission for Dust,” “Mona Lisa,” “The Hospital of the Sane,” “The World of Joy,” “Crossed Destinies,” and “An Elephant in a Backyard.”

Books Written by Mohamed El-Matarafy