Mohammed AbdelRahman

Mohamed Abdelrahman

Mohammed AbdelRahman is an Egyptian writer and art critic, graduated from Cairo University’s Faculty of Mass Communication in 1997. Since 2006, he’s been a member of the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate, contributing significantly to media and marketing consultancy within the cultural and artistic realms.

In 2014, Mohammed launched Media Dot Com, the pioneering electronic platform dedicated to monitoring Egypt’s media market. He’s been its editor-in-chief, providing invaluable insights into the industry.

Mohammed AbdelRahman’s literary journey commenced with “The Zero Book” in February 2018. This insightful work delved into the intricacies of journalistic practices, shedding light on prevalent mistakes through real-life anecdotes gathered during his tenure in the press.

Continuing his exploration of contemporary issues, Mohammed published “Philosophy of Block” in 2021. This book dissected the profound impact of social media on individual behavior and its ramifications for journalism. It categorized user activity into three groups, offering nuanced perspectives on navigating the digital landscape.

In January 2023, He released “City of a Billion Opinions,” a thought-provoking exploration of digital afflictions spawned by social media algorithms. He identified and analyzed various maladies such as fragmentation, illusion, and detachment, stemming from the unbridled influence of these algorithms.

Looking ahead, AbdelRahman’s literary endeavors promise to enrich the cinematic discourse. His upcoming works, “Cinematic Journalism Skills” and “Short Film Techniques,” offer comprehensive insights into the realm of cinematic storytelling. These books, part of the “Cinema” initiative under the Saudi Film Commission, aim to equip aspiring filmmakers with essential knowledge and practical guidance.

Moreover, Mohammed AbdelRahman’s academic pursuits extend to his forthcoming master’s thesis, which will examine the cinematic adaptation of the epic “Al-Harafish.” This ambitious undertaking underscores Mohammed’s multifaceted engagement with literature, media, and cinema, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in contemporary cultural discourse.

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