Mohammed Hamed

Mohammed Hamed

Saudi writer and translator Mohammed Hamed, born March 5, 1983, hails from Al Ghuraybah village. He has made significant contributions to Arabic literature through his varied literary works, encompassing novels, translations, and short story collections.

His notable works include:

“Portrait of Solitude” (Novel): Released in 2011 by Jadawel Publishing and Distribution, this novel reflects Hamed’s profound understanding of human emotions and solitude.

“Naked Souls”: Published in 2010 by Taw Publishing and Distribution, this work delves into the depths of human psyche and existence.

“Six Minutes”: Issued in 2016 by the Arab Printing and Publishing House, this novel is a testament to Hamed’s narrative skill and his ability to captivate readers.

“Qailulah” and “Life as Death” are among his other notable works, displaying his versatility in exploring different themes and styles.

“The Cradle” (Novel): Released in 2020 by Tashkeel Publishing and Distribution, it showcases Hamed’s mastery in storytelling and his innovative approach to novel writing.

His translated collections include masterpieces from various global literary traditions, reflecting his deep appreciation and understanding of world literature.

These collections include:

“Masterpieces of English Literature,” a 2016 publication by Al Muhaarer Al Adabi, features 20 translated English short stories.

Following suit, “Masterpieces of World Literature” came out in 2016, offering 12 stories from global literary works.

The 2016 collection, “Masterpieces of Italian Literature,” showcases 12 Italian literary short stories.

In 2018, “Masterpieces of Russian Literature” emerged, presenting 12 short stories from Russian literary works.

“Masterpieces of American Literature,” another 2018 release, includes 11 short stories from the American literary canon.

Mohammed Hamed is a key figure in Saudi literature, known for his versatility in writing and translation. His works enrich Arabic literature and connect global literary traditions with Arab readers.

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