Mona Al-Marshoud

Mona Al-Marshoud

Dr. Mona Al-Marshoud, a distinguished Saudi author, embarked on her literary journey in 2001, marking the beginning of a prolific writing career. Over the years, Mona Al-Marshoud has gained prominence in the literary world, particularly for her expansive and enthralling novels. One of her most notable contributions to literature is her massive work “Anta Li” (“You Are Mine”), a compelling narrative spanning two volumes with over 1600 pages combined.

Her literary repertoire is both diverse and impactful, encompassing several novels that have resonated with readers. Her works include:

“Anta Li” (Part One): The first installment of her magnum opus, this novel lays the foundation of a complex and enthralling narrative that captivates the reader with its depth and storytelling prowess.

“Anta Li” (Part Two): The sequel to her groundbreaking first part, this volume continues the intricate tale, drawing readers deeper into its compelling storyline.

“Al-Malak Al-A’raj” (“The Lame Angel”): This novel explores intricate human emotions and challenges, weaving a story that reflects the complexities of life and relationships.

“Ana wa Nusfi Al-Akhar” (“Me and My Other Half”): In this work, Al-Marshoud delves into the dynamics of personal identity and the journey of self-discovery, offering a unique perspective on individuality and self-reflection.

“Faja’at Qalbi” (“You Shocked My Heart”): This novel further showcases her ability to capture the nuances of human emotions and experiences, presenting a story that is both touching and thought-provoking.

Mona Al-Marshoud’s novels are a testament to her skill as a storyteller and her ability to connect with readers through relatable themes and rich narratives. Her contributions have significantly enriched Saudi literature, making her a prominent figure in the world of Arabic fiction.

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