Mujab Al-Adwani

Mujab Al-Adwani,  a distinguished figure in the realm of Saudi academia and literary criticism, was born in 1962 (1382 Hijri). As a professor specializing in criticism and theory, he serves in the Department of Arabic Language at the Faculty of Arts, King Saud University, Riyadh. His noteworthy literary contributions include the acclaimed “Rewriting the Arab City in Western Novels,” which garnered the Ministry of Culture and Information’s Book Award in 2018.

Mujab Al-Adwani’s academic path began in Al-Baha with his primary education, progressing through middle and high school in Taif. He is an alumnus of Umm Al-Qura University’s College of Arabic Language. His academic pursuits led him to the University of Bahrain, where he obtained a Master’s degree in 1996, followed by a Ph.D. in Literary Criticism from the University of Manchester, UK, in 2006.

Professionally, Mujab Al-Adwani’s career started with teaching Arabic in general education, eventually advancing to supervisory roles and then leading the Educational Media department in Jeddah. His journey at King Saud University saw him rising to the rank of a full professor and later becoming the head of the Arabic Language and Literature Department in 2017.

In the cultural sphere, Mujab Al-Adwani is known for his diverse contributions. He has published extensively in both peer-reviewed and other academic journals across the Arab world and has been a regular contributor to cultural sections of Saudi newspapers. His engagement extends to delivering numerous lectures and papers at various conferences and events, both regionally and internationally. He chaired the Critical Forum at the Jeddah Literary Club (1999-2001) and was a founding member of the Philosophical Circle in Riyadh. As Editor-in-chief of “Qawafil” newspaper and head of the Narratives Unit at King Saud University in 2010, he has been pivotal in critically analyzing Saudi novels.

Al-Adwani’s publications are extensive and diverse, ranging from the analysis of space and narrative heritage to studies in modernity and intertextuality. His works also include collaborations on various aspects of literary criticism, contributing significantly to the understanding and analysis of Arab and particularly Saudi literature. His notable book “Rewriting the Arab City in Western Novels” won the Ministry of Culture and Information Book Award in 2018, highlighting his significant impact in the field of literary criticism.

Books Written by Mujab Al-Adwani