Mujab Al-Zahrani

Mujab Al-Zahrani

Mujab bin Said Al-Zahrani, born in 1954 in Al-Baha, Saudi Arabia, is a renowned critic, translator, novelist, and academic. He is notably the Director-General of the Arab World Institute in Paris, succeeding Mona Khazindar in June 2016. Al-Zahrani’s academic journey began with a bachelor’s degree in Arabic Language and Literature from the College of Education at King Saud University. In 1989, he achieved a milestone in his academic journey by earning a doctorate in general and comparative literature from the New Sorbonne University in Paris. His dissertation focused on “The Image of the West in Modern Arabic Novels.”

Prominent in academia, Al-Zahrani led the Humanities Department at Al Yamamah University. Engaging actively in the literary community, he contributed to scientific and cultural magazines. A founding member of the “Eastern Studies” magazine, published in Arabic, French, and English since 1988 in Paris, he also served on the editorial board of “Qawafil” magazine, a quarterly publication by the Riyadh Literary Club since 1993. Additionally, he was a founding supervisor of “The New Text” magazine, an independent publication from Cyprus since 1994.

Versatility in Scholarly Pursuits and Literary Creations

Al-Zahrani’s scholarly pursuits span a wide array of intellectual themes. His works involve critical readings on the Arab Renaissance, analyses of contemporary Arab thought’s heritage, and critiques of cultural invasion. Exploring globalism in Western and Arab contexts, and critiquing the Enlightenment in modern thought, he proposes Arab-Islamic aesthetic theory.

In narratology, Al-Zahrani’s critical studies cover topics from daily life language in novels to dreamy-delirious language in literature. His examination of various authors’ works provides insightful readings and interpretations.

Al-Zahrani has translated numerous critical and narrative works from French to Arabic and authored several books. His translations include “The Arabic Language, France’s Treasure” by Jacques Lang, published in 2021. His novels and books encompass a variety of genres and themes, including “Dance,” a novel, and “Dialogical Approaches,” which won the Book of the Year award from Riyadh Literary Club in 2012. His autobiography, “The Biography of Time,” and two French books, “Dialogical Readings” and “The Image of the West in Contemporary Arabic Novels,” showcase his versatility as a writer. His latest work, “An Office on the Seine,” was published in 2022.

Books Written by Mujab Al-Zahrani