Najwa Al-Otaibi

Najwa Al-Otaibi

Najwa Al-Otaibi, a Saudi researcher and academician, is interested in literature and criticism.

She published a novel titled “Shelf of Today: What the Master Couldn’t Obtain,” released by Athar Publishing in 2022. Classified as science fiction, she was hosted at the Science Fiction Conference held at the Jeddah Book Fair in the same year to discuss the novel.

“Shelf of Today” presents a strange world to the Arab novel narrative, revolving around how humans turn into half-human, half-mechanical beings, and how they doubt their existence or essence, seeking salvation from their subjugation by a power that lies beneath their skin and knows their feelings before they are expressed. The novel sends many important messages about modern and advanced technological uses, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, as it will be a significant element that will bring about a significant change in human lives.

  • Najwa is interested in writing for children and young adults and has unpublished works in these areas.
  • Najwa has contributed articles about Arab creative works, published in Egyptian Literature News, Al-Qafilah Magazine, and Al-Yamamah. She also wrote stories in Literature News and in the online magazine Ruwa.
  • An interview with her was published in the Oman newspaper on December 17, 2022, about her writing and publishing experience, the Gulf novel, and the creative phase – experiencing a significant leap in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Najwa ensures she reads from many different cultures, which has influenced her. She enjoys reading various and diverse pens continuously, but no matter how much she reads, she finds herself more influenced by Arab pens, especially Naguib Mahfouz and Yusuf Idris, and among contemporary writers, Rabee Jaber.

  • Naguib Mahfouz represents for her a complete novelistic model, in the tools and topics he explored, in breaking expectations, and in his appropriateness for his era and the beginning of the glory of the Arab novel. It was fitting for the Arab novel to be known and famous with his pen.
  • Yusuf Idris as well, placed it on a dazzling map in writing. One cannot feel bored while reading for him, as he chooses the appropriate moment to weave around it a narrative world unique to him alone. Najwa learned from Yusuf Idris the value of the appropriate moment and how to achieve it narratively with utmost skill. Her ambition was to write works with the same charm as his pen.
  • Among contemporary writers, Najwa Al-Otaibi finds Rabee Jaber’s pen distinctive and different, writing with great command. She expects more dazzle, glory, and high literary status for him.

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