Osama Al-Eissa

Osama Al-Eissa

Osama Al-Eissa is a Palestinian writer and journalist. Born in the Dheisheh camp in Bethlehem, Palestine, in 1963, he moved to Jordan in 1987.

He worked for several Palestinian and Arab newspapers, including Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, Al-Arabi, Al-Akhbar, and later became the editor-in-chief of Al-Sada Weekly and then Al-Hayat Al-Jadida in Ramallah. Al-Eissa was a member of the Arab Intellectual Forum chaired by Ibrahim Al-Dakak and is a member of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate and the Palestinian Writers Union.

Osama Al-Eissa has received various awards, including the Palestine Journalism Award for the journalistic story in 2011, an honorary award for Stories from Beyond Jerusalem in 2008, and the Creativity Award in 2006 for the novel “A Woman in Love’s Embrace.” His novel “Madmen of Bethlehem” won the Sheikh Zayed Book Award in the literature category in 2015.

His novel “The Seventh Sky of Jerusalem” was nominated for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction, known as the “Arabic Booker,” in its 17th edition in 2024. The story revolves around Jerusalem in the 1970s, facing a famine-like situation for the second time in twenty years, as it tries to cope with the shock of its victorious and superior occupier.

Osama Al-Eissa published his first book in 1984, a collection of short stories titled “We, the Poor, Are Still the Most Capable People of Love.” He has authored several novels, including “Al-Maskubiya” in 2010, “Madmen of Bethlehem” in 2013, “The Last Kiss of Bethlehem” in 2016, “The Rose of Jericho” in 2017, “Cat of Beersheba” in 2017, “A Bridge Over the Jordan River” in 2018, and “The Seventh Sky of Jerusalem” in 2023.

Al-Eissa has released around 4 collections of short stories: “We, the Poor, Are Still the Most Capable People of Love” in 1984, “The Mountainous Tenderness” (a long story) in 1985, “Sentiments of Longing and Sorrow” in 2004, and “The Messenger of God to the Beloved” in 2017.

With nearly 13 books to his name, some of his notable works include “Blood Will Not Be Lost” in 2000, “Tel Aviv Does Not Know Forgetfulness” in 2001, “The Road to Emmanuel” in 2003, “Manuscripts of the Sea” in 2003, and “His Shadow on the Earth” in 2004. He has also contributed to some research on documentary films about politics and culture in Palestine.

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