Osama Al-Muslim

Osama Al-Muslim

The Saudi novelist Osama bin Mohammed Al-Muslim was born in Al-Ahsa in 1977. He spent his childhood in the United States before returning to his city, where he attended its schools and graduated from the English Literature department of King Faisal University during his university years. He works as a lecturer at the Technical College in Al-Ahsa.

His novels predominantly feature elements of historical fantasy and science fiction, and his writing is distinguished by a significant strength in the narrative style, adopting a cinematic approach where the emotions of each character are precisely described. This detail allows readers to visualize and embody the characters in their minds. He gave each character a unique trait and almost always used “interrupted narrative” in all his novels, meaning he shifts from one story to another and from one character to another in different sequences within the context of events, compelling the reader to focus and understand the events and names of the characters specifically because; the character names are uniquely strange, making it difficult for one to hold onto and remember them unless they are very focused.

His publications began in 2015 with the novel “Fear,” released by the Arab Literature Center, which achieved significant popularity in the Arab Gulf. He has a collaborative novel with Kuwaiti writer Abdulwahab Al-Rifai titled “Buried Manuscripts.” Some of his novels, including Fear, Arabistan Orchards, and the first part of the “Lujj” series, have been translated into English.

He has published nearly 26 novels, among the most prominent are:

  • This Is What Happened to Me
  • Hell of the Transients
  • Land of Sacrifices
  • Saad Al-Dabbas
  • The Spider Network
  • Ajeeg
  • The Glow of Violet (Parts 1/2)
  • The Lion’s Den
  • The Hybrid Witch
  • The Lame One
  • Winds of Migration (Parts 1/2/3)
  • The League of Devils
  • Arabistan Orchards
  • The Fear Trilogy
  • A Rainy Night
  • The Call
  • The Abyss
  • The Feast
  • The Five Circles
  • Buried Manuscripts
  • The Clamor of Eclipse
  • The Struggle of Queens
  • The Lame One – The Revolution of the Houris
  • The Glow of Violet
  • The “Lujj: Epic of the Seven Seas” series in five parts
  • The Opportunist

Regarding Osama Al-Muslim’s writing rituals, he revealed that he leans towards quiet and solitude, prefers writing while fasting, and draws his ideas from the accumulation of writing, and what he has read, heard, seen, and experienced.

The novelist Osama Al-Muslim has confirmed that the early and old editions of his novels are subject to continuous revision in new editions with the help of readers, to ensure they are free of any spelling, grammatical, or text formatting errors.

Books Written by Osama Al-Muslim