Qamashah Olayan

Qamashah Olayan

Qamashah Abdul Rahman Saleh Al Olayan, a leading Saudi novelist, is a notable figure among contemporary female authors. Born in Riyadh, she pursued her education in the same city, earning a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from King Saud University. Her diverse career includes roles as a lab technician, teacher, student counselor, and currently Head of Health Media. Additionally, Al Olayan holds the position of Editor-in-Chief at “Hayatuna Al Sehhiya” magazine.

Al Olayan’s professional trajectory is diverse and multifaceted. After graduating with a degree in Chemistry from King Saud University, she explored a range of occupations. She worked as a laboratory technician, a teacher, and a student counselor. Later, she became the Director of the Educational Media and Public Relations Department at the Girls’ Education Administration in the Eastern Region.

Exploring Al Olayan’s Prolific Literary Journey: Short Stories, Novels, and Recognitions

Al Olayan’s literary contributions have been widespread; she wrote numerous short stories published in various magazines, including a four-year stint at the Kuwaiti magazine “Al Majalis.” She also served as the Editor-in-Chief of “Hayatuna Al Sehhiya” magazine. A member of the Arab Writers Union in Syria, the Saudi Arabian Association for Culture and Arts, the World Islamic Youth Forum, and various storytelling forums in the Arab world, Al Olayan also participates in several women’s charitable societies.

Her literary works encompass both short story collections and novels. Her short story collections include “A Mistake in My Life,” first published in 1991 by Dar Tahama and reprinted in 2003 by Dar Al-Kifah in Dammam; “The Virgin Wife,” first released in 1992 by Dar Al-Jumaa in Riyadh and reprinted four times by different publishers; and “Tears on the Wedding Night,” initially published in 1996 by Dar Al-Rawi in Dammam and reprinted four times.

Al Olayan excelled particularly in the novel genre, with her storytelling skills more suited to longer narratives. Her notable novels include “Eyes on the Sky,” which won the first prize in a novel competition organized by the Abha Literary Club and was published multiple times between 1997 and 2005; “Crying Under the Rain,” printed five times; “The Spider’s Female,” awarded the Arab Women Creators Prize in Sharjah and translated into English; “House of Glass,” and “Dirty Eyes.” Her most recent work, “The Homeland’s Substitute,” was released in 2021.

Recognitions include a shield from the Culture and Arts Association, an appreciation certificate from the Sihat Association, and the Riyadh Prize. In 2002, she earned a Shield of Excellence from the Eastern Region Literary Club for her storytelling and novels. Additionally, she received a certificate of appreciation from the National Council for Culture, Arts, and Heritage in Qatar in 2002.

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