Randa Al-Sheikh

Randa Al-Sheikh

Randa Al-Sheikh is a multi-talented Saudi writer, short story author, and radio broadcaster. She is well-recognized for her weekly column in the Okaz newspaper titled “The Fifth Dimension.” A graduate of Media Studies with a specialization in Journalism, she has been an integral part of Jeddah’s Second Program Radio, serving both the Arabic and European sections since 2009. Additionally, Randa is a prominent figure, hosting conferences like the TEDx Arabia Creative Conference in 2011.

Her Media Career:

In her media journey, Randa wrote for newspapers like Okaz, Al-Hayat, and Al-Madina, and magazines such as Sayidaty. Her first contemplative piece titled “The Bitter Truth” was published in Laha Magazine, her first article in Al-Hayat, and her first story in Sayidaty Magazine under the title “Wedding Night.” After winning the Best Article Award in Al-Sada Magazine, she joined as a contributing writer. Later, she transitioned to writing and journalism, contributing to Sayidaty Magazine in a readers’ articles section.

In 2009, Randa joined Jeddah’s Second Program Radio as a broadcaster and program presenter in both Arabic and English. Some of her notable radio programs include:

“Wardi wa Azraq” (Pink and Blue): A weekly educational program with a light, youthful theme, personally conceptualized, prepared, and presented by her every Sunday afternoon.

“Sabah Al Noor Ya Baladi” (Good Morning My Country): A diverse morning show running from 7 to 9 AM every Wednesday.

“Studio Al Zuhur” (Noon Studio): A light daily quiz show from 1 to 2 PM every Wednesday.

“Hassad Al Zuhur” (Noon Harvest): A daily political show from 2 to 3 PM, which she co-produces and presents.

Her Media Milestones:

From September 1999 to August 2009: Head of Social Services and Health Education, PR and Lectures Coordinator, contributing journalist at Al-Sada Magazine UAE, and Sayidaty Magazine.

From August 2009 to 2012: Broadcaster and program producer at Jeddah’s Second Program Radio, presenter on Saudi Cultural Channel, weekly columnist for Okaz Newspaper, story writer for Tala Monthly Magazine, former columnist for the electronic newspaper Al-Eqtisadiah, and former columnist for Al-Bilad newspaper for a year under the title “Lisan Al-Hal” (The Language of the Situation).

“Arba’ah Ala Al-Khat” (Four on the Line):

On December 21, 2010, Randa debuted as a television host with the first episode of “Arba’ah Ala Al-Khat” on the Saudi Cultural Channel alongside Nada Faran, Abdullah Al-Kharji, and Abdullah Al-Asmari. This cultural program with a youthful flavor aimed to bridge the gap between young people and Saudi intellectuals and creatives, airing every Tuesday.

“Wardi wa Azraq”:

In Muharram 1432 AH, Randa launched her first self-produced and presented program “Wardi wa Azraq” on Jeddah’s Second Program Radio. Audiences applauded the show for its innovative approach to discussing youth issues, featuring weekly experts and continuing as a live program every Sunday on Jeddah Radio.

“When We Met”:

In Ramadan 1432 AH, Randa and her fellow broadcasters ventured into writing the Ramadan radio series “When We Met,” co-authored and acted alongside Noha Al-Judaibi, Rawan Ashour, and Mariam Al-Amri, broadcast every Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday, directed by the talented Mohammed Mutab Al-Ghamdi.


On June 26, 2013 (17 Sha’ban 1434 AH), Randa Al-Sheikh launched her first publication, a collection of short stories titled “Confessions That Lost Their Way,” containing 16 short stories. This collection represented an act of revelation, where Randa addressed the reader saying, “This book is my gift to you, my first publication of my short story collection, it’s an utter revelation of what you know and what you don’t.” Arab Scientific Publishers published the collection.

Books Written by Randa Al-Sheikh