Rasha Adly

Rasha Adly

Rasha Adly, a renowned Egyptian novelist and art history researcher, has made a significant impact in literature and academics. She combines her literary work with an academic career, holding a Master’s in Art History. Additionally, Adly is a member of the International Association of Art Historians and contributes to the field through articles, research, and her blog “Gallery About Art and History,” started in 2007. The blog focuses on paintings and art history, showcasing her deep involvement in the art world.

Moreover, Adly has contributed notably to art journalism. From 2016 to 2020, she served as a correspondent for the Emirati Cultural Magazine, covering fine arts. Her writing often intersects art, history, and culture, especially in the Arab context. Her books, such as “Cairo, The City… The Memories” (2012) and “The Woman Through the Ages in Fine Arts” (2023), explore these themes.

Rasha Adly is literary career features ten novels, each highlighting her narrative skills. Her first, “The Noise of Silence,” appeared in 2011, followed by “Life Is Not Always Rosy” in 2013, reprinted in 2023. Other works include “The Tattoo” (2014), “Confused Women” (2015), “Beaches of Departure” (2016), and “Passion” (2017). Later novels like “The Last Days of the Pasha” (2019), “On the Edge of the Night” (2020), “Night Train to Tel Aviv” (2021), and “You Shine, You Illuminate” (2022) further her reputation.

Adly’s novels, translated into various languages, have gained international recognition. “Passion” and “The Last Days of the Pasha” were longlisted for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction. “Passion” won the 2021 Banipal Prize for Arabic Literary Translation and was a 2022 Dublin Literary Award contender. “You Shine, You Illuminate” received the 2023 Katara Prize for Best Arabic Novel, solidifying her status in Arabic fiction.

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