Saadia Mufarreh

Saadia Mufarreh ‘s poetry has been published widely in Arabic newspapers and magazines and has garnered international attention, with translations into several foreign languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Tajik, and Persian. Her participation in numerous critical conferences and  published studies . Research in specialized magazines further highlight her role as a prominent figure in Arabic literature.

Her poetic journey is marked by the publication of several poetry collections, showcasing her evolving literary style and thematic focus. Her published works include “The Last of the Dreamers” (Kuwait, 1990; Cairo, 1992), “I Saddle the Horses of My Thoughts” (Beirut, 1994), “The Book of Sins” (Cairo, 1997), “Just a Reclining Mirror” (Damascus, 1999), “My Dreams Have Been Greatly Humble” (Amman/Beirut, 2006), “The Whisperers of Clouds and Loneliness” (Algeria, 2007), “A Night Busy with Seduction” (Beirut, 2008), and “A Grave with One Window” (Cairo, 2008).

Her interest in children’s literature led to the publication of a poetry collection for children titled “The Palm Trees and the Houses” by Al-Arabi Magazine in Kuwait. Mufarreh’s contributions to the field of poetry have earned her several awards.

Her literary journey has been the subject of various books and studies in both Arabic and English, most notably “The Suicide of Pegs in the Exile of Saadia Mufarreh” by the Omani critic Saeeda bint Khater Al-Farsi.

Saadia Mufarreh has hosted numerous poetry evenings before ceasing to participate in such events due to her critical view of poetry evenings in general. She belongs to a generation of poets who focused on writing the new poem in its various manifestations. Her work has extensively critiqued and studied by many Arab critics . Resulting in numerous books, research papers, and critical articles in both Arabic and English . Highlighting her significant contribution to contemporary Arabic poetry. Saadia Mufarreh, a distinguished poet, critic, and journalist . Currently holds the position of Head of the Cultural Section at the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas. She is too a prolific writer for Al-Arabi Magazine in Kuwait and Al-Riyadh newspaper in Saudi Arabia. Her contributions to the literary world extend to writing critical articles . Reviews for various Arabic newspapers , magazines on a weekly and monthly basis.

Books Written by Saadia Mufarreh