Said Khatibi

Said Khatibi

Said Khatibi, a prominent Algerian writer born in 1984, has enriched the literary landscape with his diverse creations. Educated in Algeria and France, he obtained his bachelor’s in French literature from the University of Algiers and his master’s in cultural studies from the Sorbonne. Active in journalism since 2006.

Exploring a Multitude of Genres

Khatibi’s writing showcases his versatility and depth. His 2009 work, “Madar Al-Ghiyab,” translates Algerian short stories into French, bridging cultures. In 2013, he released “Kitab Al-Khataya” (The Book of Faults), a novel exploring human nature and morality.

His 2015 travel book, “Jana’in Al-Sharq Al-Multahiba” (The Gardens of the East Afflamed), reflects his travels in the Balkans, demonstrating his observational skills and storytelling. In 2016, Khatibi published “Arba’un Aaman fi Intizar Isabel” (Forty Years Waiting for Isabel), a tale of longing, translated into Spanish by Noemi Fierro Bandera.

His 2018 novel, “Hatab Sarajevo” (Firewood of Sarajevo), nominated for the Arabic Booker Prize, blends personal and universal narratives against historical backdrops. Said Khatibi’s ability to engage with diverse themes is further evident in his translations. He translated Kateb Yacine’s poetry into French and compiled a volume of Algerian short stories, enhancing cross-cultural dialogue.

Said Khatibi’s works reflect his Algerian roots and his embrace of varied cultures and perspectives. His novels, travel writing, and translations reveal his dedication to writing and cultural exchange.

Books Written by Said Khatibi