Saleh Al-Hamad

Saleh Al-Hamad

Saleh al-Hamad, a Saudi Arabian novelist and academic, was born in 1989. He completed his undergraduate studies in English Literature at King Abdulaziz University, followed by a Master’s in American Literature in 2017 from the University of California. Al-Hamad currently serves as an academic at King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah and has contributed several research papers to academic journals. His debut novel, “Eye of the Kite,” published in 2023, marked his entry into the literary world.

The International Prize for Arabic Fiction, commonly known as the Arabic Booker, announced its longlist for the 2024 edition, featuring 16 distinguished novels. Among these was al-Hamad’s “Eye of the Kite,” earning a coveted spot alongside 15 other works. This recognition came from a pool of 133 novels submitted for this edition, all published between July 2022 and June 2023.

Upon the announcement of the longlist, al-Hamad expressed his gratitude and dedication, stating, “Praise be to God, I dedicate this nomination to Dar Rashm and its great mentor, Saleh al-Hammad. It is no small feat to take a chance on a 600-page novel by a newcomer.” This statement reflects al-Hamad’s appreciation for the support and faith placed in his work, especially as a first-time novelist.

Al-Hamad’s achievement in being included in the longlist of the Arabic Booker Prize is a testament to his skill and potential as a novelist. His entry into the literary world with a work as extensive and ambitious as “Eye of the Kite” demonstrates not only his passion for storytelling but also his dedication to his craft. This recognition is a significant milestone in his career, promising a bright future in the field of Arabic literature. As a scholar and writer, al-Hamad represents a new generation of Saudi Arabian authors who are making their mark on the global literary stage.

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