Saleh Zamanan

Saleh Zamanan

Saleh Zamanan is a Saudi poet and playwright born in the region of Najran in southern Saudi Arabia in 1985. Currently based in Riyadh, he excelled academically in Najran, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree with honors from King Faisal University.

Diverse Career and Literary Contributions of Zamanan

Zamanan held roles like Director of Cultural Affairs and Advisor at the Theater and Performing Arts Authority. As the managing editor of “Raqamat” magazine, he coordinated the “Qas Bin Sa’ada Cultural Festival” held in 2012 and 2013. Additionally, he contributed to Saudi newspapers and various cultural magazines.

Zamanan’s writings span across literary, poetic, and theatrical genres. His works include the book “Al-Bashkangia” in 2010, “The Guardian in the Abyss” in 2013, the poetry collection “His Head in Tragedy… His Fingers in Laughter” in 2014, which was translated into Spanish by the House of Poetry in San Jose and the University of Costa Rica. He also authored “Nine Texts from Saudi Theater” in 2013, a collaborative book with other Saudi writers, the poetry collection “Returning from His Father” in 2015, the play “New Phobias” in 2016, and “From Madrid… to the Skies” in 2016, an anthology of poetry with poets from around the world.

Additionally, he published the poetry collection “Afternoon Malfunctions” in 2018 and “Inns of Eternity,” a selection of poetry in Uzbek in 2020, and the book “A Brief Mythology of Terror” in 2022, released in French by the Jussor project sponsored by the Saudi Enrichment Center. He is also the author of “The Whispering Gossips: Tragedies of Holocaust, Captivity, and the Pyramid” in 2022, and the theatrical book “The Greatness of the Eye” in 2022.

Zamanan’s Theatrical Legacy and Recognition in the Literary World

Zamanan has also written several theatrical works known for their high poetic dialogues, including “Encountering the Precipice,” a social play for the Najran Cultural Association Theater in 2010, “The Epic of the Rift” (People of Fire and Paradise), premiered at the opening of the Qas Bin Sa’ada Festival in its first edition in 2012, and “The Epic of the Kings of Poetry and Blood” at the opening of the Qas Bin Sa’ada Festival in its second edition in 2013.

He also wrote, “The Epic of the Guardians of Poetry and Age” (Labeed Bin Rabia) premiered at the opening of the Okaz Market in 2015, “Platform 7” in 2013, an experimental play for the Taif Cultural Association Theater in 2010, “Nostalgia… Monodrama,” “The Last Party” in 2011, “Cain,” “The Sorrow of the Ropes,” the musical play “The Phoenix’s Return,” “The Amusement of the Jugglers,” “Lorca’s Prophecies,” “The Afternoon of the Blind in Najran,” and “Confined.” He also contributed to the concept and dialogue of the theatrical scenes in the musical play “Our Hanging Gems” in 2023.

Zamanan was awarded the Ministry of Culture and Information Prize for Writers in 2017 for his play “New Phobias,” the Sanusi Poetry Prize in 2016 for his poetry collection “Returning from His Father,” the Best Text Award at the Taif Theater Festival in 2013 for the text “Platform 7,” and the Abu Rabeia Prize for Theatrical Composition for the play “The Last Party” in 2011.

Books Written by Saleh Zamanan