Samir Al-Dhamer

Samir Al-Dhamer

Samir Al-Dhamer, a renowned Saudi researcher, has made a profound impact in the fields of cultural studies and Gulf folklore. Born in Al-Ahsa in 1975, his works, notably “Al-Bashtakhta” and “Ahzaiya,” delve deep into the region’s cultural heritage.

His academic journey began with a Bachelor’s degree, followed by a Master’s from Mutah University, Jordan. Al-Dhamer then earned his Ph.D. in Literature and Criticism in 2009, focusing his thesis on “Prophetic Stories in Arab Heritage: A Semiotic Narrative Analysis.”

In 2008, Samir Al-Dhamer collaborated with the Abdulaziz Saud Al-Babtain Foundation on “A Dictionary of Arab Poets of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries.” This project highlights his commitment to preserving Arab literary heritage.

Beyond writing, Al-Dhamer co-authored “Illustrated Atlas for Tourism Education” for Saudi Arabia’s Tourism Commission in 1434 AH. He also participated in “The Influence of Old Songs on Gulf Society’s Taste” in 2013, an event by the Culture and Arts Association in Dammam.

Serving as a judge for the Saudi Ministry of Culture’s Folklore Competition, Al-Dhamer contributes significantly to the cultural arts. His involvement in the 2021 “Saudi Legends” forum by the Culture and Arts Association in Jazan reflects his dedication to cultural dialogue and heritage preservation.

Al-Dhamer’s extensive publications span various topics, illustrating his multifaceted interests and expertise:

Al-Dhamer’s publications span various topics, showcasing his diverse interests and expertise. These include his Master’s thesis “Investigation of the Book: Matali’ Al-Budoor Fi Manazil Al-Suroor” by Ali Al-Ghazouli (2002), his Doctoral thesis “Prophetic Stories in Arab Heritage” (2009), “A Creative Mind Killed by Its Questions” (2009), “Interpretations of Narrations: Cultural Critical Readings” (2010) by the Eastern Province Literary Club, “Al-Bashtakhta: A Documentary Research of the Hasawi Folk Art in Saudi Arabia” (2015), and “Ahzaiya: Tales Told by Aisha Bint Saleh Al-Farhan to Her Grandson Samir Al-Dhamer and a Dictionary of Folk Narrators and Narratives” (2021), along with “Al-Buqsha: Miscellaneous Papers in Folk Culture” (2022).

Al-Dhamer’s work crucially documents and analyzes Saudi Arabia and the Gulf’s rich cultural heritage.

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