Saud Alsanousi

Saud Alsanousi, a prominent Kuwaiti novelist and journalist, was born in 1981 and has established himself as a significant figure in Arabic literature. His journey as an author began with the publication of his first novel, “The Prisoner of Mirrors,” in 2010. This debut work earned him the fourth Laila al-Othman Prize, which is a renowned accolade recognizing novels and short stories by emerging writers. Alsanousi’s literary prowess was further acknowledged when he won first prize for his short story “The Bonsai and the Old Man” in the Stories on the Air competition. This competition, held in July 2011, was a collaborative effort between Al-Arabi magazine and BBC Arabic, spotlighting the talents of Arab writers.

Saud Alsanousi achieved significant acclaim in 2013 when he was awarded the prestigious International Prize for Arabic Fiction, often referred to as the ‘Arabic Booker,’ for his novel “The Bamboo Stalk.” This award, which honors outstanding works of Arabic literature, propelled Alsanousi into the international literary spotlight. Following this, his novel “Mama Hissa’s Mice” gained recognition by being nominated for the 2016/17 Sheikh Zayed Book Award, further solidifying his status as a notable writer in the Arab world.

His contributions to Arabic literature extend beyond his novels. Saud Alsanousi has been a prolific contributor to Kuwaiti journalism, with his writings featured in several prominent publications such as Al-Watan newspaper, and magazines like Al-Arabi, Al-Kuwait, and Al-Abwab. He continues to write for Al-Qabas newspaper, offering insights and commentaries on various aspects of Kuwaiti and Arab culture.

In October 2016, Alsanousi’s contributions to literature were recognized at a regional level when he received the Contribution to Literature Award from the Gulf Cooperation Council in Riyadh. This award was a testament to his influence and impact on the literary landscape of the Gulf region.

Accompanying the recognition of Saud Alsanousi’s work is the notable contribution of Sawad Hussain, an Arabic translator and litterateur deeply immersed in Arab culture, history, and literature. Hussain has critically reviewed Arabic literature in translation for platforms such as ArabLit and Asymptote, and evaluated Arabic literature and language textbooks for Al-’Arabiyya Journal, published by Georgetown University Press. Her expertise in Arabic literature is further exemplified by her role as coeditor of the Arabic-English section of the Oxford Arabic Dictionary, an award-winning publication released in 2014. Hussain’s forthcoming translations include a Palestinian resistance classic by Sahar Khalifeh for Seagull Books and a Lebanese young adult novel for the University of Texas Press. Her academic background includes an MA in Modern Arabic Literature from the School of Oriental and African Studies, highlighting her deep understanding and appreciation of Arabic literary traditions.

Books Written by Saud Alsanousi