Shahla Ujayli

Shahla Ujayli, a Syrian-Jordanian writer born on January 1, 1976, in Aleppo. With  significant contributions to the world of Arabic literature. She earned her doctorate in Modern Arabic Literature and Cultural Studies from the University of Aleppo. Shahla Ujayli has an influential figure in academia. Teaching Modern Arabic Literature at the University of Aleppo and at the American University in Madaba, Jordan.

Shahla Ujayli’s literary career is marked by an impressive array of publications. In 2005, she debuted with her short story collection “The Mashrabiyya.” She has also written several critical studies. Her works include “The Syrian Novel: Experimentalism and Theoretical Categories” (2009), “Cultural Particularity in the Arabic Novel” (2011), and “Mirror of Strangeness – Articles on Cultural Criticism” (2006). Her novels include “The Cat’s Eye” (2009), which won the Jordan State Award for Literature, “Persian Carpet” (2013). And  also “A Sky Close to Our House” (2015), the latter being shortlisted for the 2016 International Prize for Arabic Fiction. Another of her short story collections, “The King’s Daughter’s Bed” (2016), received the “Al Multaqa” Prize in 2017, awarded by the American University in Kuwait.

Furthermore, Shahla Ujayli’s involvement in the creative writing community extends beyond her written works. She participated in the “Al Nadwa” workshop, organized by the award body to encourage emerging young writers. It was during this workshop in 2014 that she wrote a portion of her novel “A Sky Close to Our House.”

Her novel “A Sky Close to Our House” recognized as one of the sixteen contenders for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction on January 12, 2016. This nomination highlights Ujayli’s stature as a writer of great repute in the Arabic literary world. Her works exemplify her mastery of narrative and character development.  Additionally,  it reflects her deep engagement with the cultural and social issues of the Arab world. Ujayli’s journey from a student of literature to a respected author and academic illustrates her profound impact on modern Arabic literature, both in her homeland and internationally.

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