Shayea Al-Wuqayan

Shayea Bin Hethal Al-Wuqayan is a prominent Saudi writer and philosopher, known for his insightful and thought-provoking articles, which he previously contributed on a weekly basis to the Saudi newspaper Okaz. His writings cover a broad spectrum of topics, including philosophical, scientific, and critical issues, along with discussions on political and social matters. Al-Wuqayan has played a pivotal role in the intellectual community in Saudi Arabia, notably contributing to the establishment of the Riyadh Philosophical Circle and the Saudi Philosophical Association.

Throughout his career, Al-Wuqayan has authored several significant works that delve into various philosophical discourses. His book “Philosophy between Art and Ideology” was published by the Arab Cultural Center in Beirut in 2011. This work explores the intricate relationship between philosophy, art, and ideology, offering a nuanced understanding of these interconnected domains. Another of his notable works, “Readings in Philosophical Discourse,” also released in 2011 by Dar Al-Intishar in Beirut, presents a collection of essays analyzing various aspects of philosophical thought.

In 2020, Al-Wuqayan released “Existence and Consciousness – A Resumption of Phenomenology,” further showcasing his depth of knowledge and exploration in the field of phenomenology. He has also co-authored several books, contributing to the enrichment of philosophical literature. His joint works include “The Joy of Aesthetic Feeling” in “Philosophical Papers – Part One,” published by the Riyadh Literary Club in 2009, and “The Meaning of the Question of Backwardness” in “The Muslim Brotherhood in Iraq,” published by the Mesbar Research Center in 2010. Additionally, he co-authored “The Dilemma of Derrida” in “Philosophical Papers – Part Two,” released by the Arab Cultural Center in early 2012.

Al-Wuqayan’s selected articles reflect his deep engagement with a variety of complex themes. Some of his notable articles include “Beyond Meaning: The Struggle of Sectarian Interpretations,” “The Problematic of the Rushdian Text,” “The Typical Phrase and Ideological Exploitation,” “Democracy and the Magic of the Word,” “How Do We Conceive Art?,” “What Does It Mean to Be a Literary Critic?,” “Humanizing Technology,” “Ibn Taymiyyah: Divine Wisdom Versus Philosophy,” “The Misery of Arab Poetry,” “Postmodernism: So That Criticism Does Not Turn into Babble,” “What is White and What is Black in Medieval Literature?,” “What Makes Speech Poetry?,” “The Poetics of Lying,” and “What Happened to Contemporary Egyptian Literature?”

Through his diverse body of work, Al-Wuqayan has established himself as a critical voice in the field of philosophy and literature, offering deep insights and stimulating discussions on various intellectual and societal topics.

Books Written by Shayea Al-Wuqayan