Yousef Al-Mohaimeed

Yousef Al-Mohaimeed

Born in 1964 in Riyadh, Yousef Al-Mohaimeed, a notable Saudi writer, made substantial contributions to literature. His works are translated into multiple languages, including English, Russian, German, Spanish, and Italian.

Al-Mohaimeed’s early life commenced in Riyadh’s Al-Shemaysi neighborhood in Saudi Arabia. Transitioning to education, he studied in Alisha, Riyadh. Furthering his education at King Saud University. He worked as an accountant at Petromin and the Saudi Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources. His journey evolved as he took on roles supervising cultural pages and founding Al-Jeel Al-Jadeed for children.

Al-Mohaimeed’s literary debut was in 1989 with his first short story collection, “Afternoon with No Walkers.” He then ventured into children’s literature and dedicated several years to photography before turning his focus to novels. His first novel, “Noise of the Dead,” was published in 2003.

A Literary Journey Across Novels, Short Stories, and Global Recognition

His notable works include novels such as “Noise of the Dead” (2003), “Scent Traps” (2003), “The Bottle” (2004), “Dolphin Tour” (2006), “The Pigeon Doesn’t Fly in Buraidah” (2009).

His short story collections include “Afternoon with No Walkers” (1989), “Tremble of Their White Robes” (1993), and “My Brother Searches for Rambo” (2005), among others.

Al-Mohaimeed’s writings have been recognized with several awards. These include a shortlisting for the Jean Michalski Prize for Literature in Switzerland (2010) for “Scent Traps,”.

The Abu al-Qasim al-Shabbi Prize in Tunisia (2011) for “The Pigeon Doesn’t Fly in Buraidah”. The Alziator Prize in Italy (2011) for “Scent Traps,” and the Saudi Ministry of Culture Book Award (2013) for “The Najdi Boy’s Journey.”

His work “Wolves of the Crescent Moon” has been translated and published by the AUC Press in Cairo (2007) and Penguin USA in New York (2007), and as “Lion de cet enfer” by ACTES SUD in France (2007). Capturing Saudi nuances and exploring universal themes earned him international acclaim.

Books Written by Yousef Al-Mohaimeed