Yusuf Idris

Yusuf Idris was a seminal Egyptian writer known for his plays, short stories, and novels that often focused on the lives of ordinary and impoverished people. Trained as a doctor at the University of Cairo, he aimed to establish a modern Egyptian theatre rooted in folklore, achieving this most notably with his acclaimed play “Al-Farafeer.” He was a frequent contributor to the Al-Ahram newspaper and was several times considered for the Nobel Prize in Literature. As a young medical student, he was imprisoned for his activism against the Farouk regime and the British. Although initially supportive of Nasser, he grew disillusioned by 1954, around the time his first story collection “The Cheapest Nights” was published. His works are seen as vivid reflections of his own life and his deep empathy for the marginalized.

Books Written by Yusuf Idris