Zahran Alqasmi

Zahran Alqasmi

Zahran Alqasmi is an Omani poet and novelist, born in the Wilayat of Damaa and Al Ta’ieen in the Sultanate of Oman in 1974. His first poetry collection, “We Held the Camel by its Horns,” was published in 2006.

The writer Zahran Alqasmi has produced a variety of literary works, including the poetry collections “We Held the Camel by its Horns” in 2006, “The Hollow” and “I Sing and Walk” in 2008, “O Nai” in 2009, and the short story “The Biography of Stone” in two parts, the first in 2009 and the second in 2011. He also authored the novel “Mountain of Fear” in 2010, the poetry collection “Blind’s Poetry” in 2011, “Music Poetry” in 2012, the novel “The Sniper” in 2014, “Paper Boats” poetry collection in 2016, “Honey Hunger” novel in 2017, “I Closed the Door on You and Remained Imprisoned Outside” poetry collection in 2019, and the novel “The Exile of the Abandoned” in 2022.

Literary Accolades and Creative Reflections of Zahran Al Qasimi

His novel “The Sniper” won the Cultural Creativity Award from the Omani Association of Writers and Literature in 2015, and the novel “The Exile of the Abandoned” received the International Arab Novel Prize “Booker” in 2023, making Zahran Al Qasimi the first Omani novelist to win this award. Additionally, he was honored with the Sultan’s Commendation Medal by Sultan Haitham bin Tarik Al Said.

Speaking about the success of his novel “The Exile of the Abandoned,” Zahran Alqasmi stated in press interviews: “From my perspective, other novels I have written are stronger than this one, but this was my first time participating in the award, based on a recommendation from my publishers. When the novel made it to the long list, people started reading and discussing it, and I was very happy with its spread and the attention it received, wishing I had participated in the award before.”

“The Exile of the Abandoned” revolves around a village in Oman and tells the story of a water tracker, whom villages rely on to search for groundwater sources. Since birth, the abandoned’s life was tied to water; his mother drowned, and his father was buried under a collapsed canal roof.

Imprisoned in the canal of one of the channels, he fights to survive. The novel explores the memory of irrigation channels, central to Omani rural life, with surrounding tales and myths.

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