Zainab Hifni

Zainab Hifni

Zainab Hifni, a distinguished Saudi writer and novelist, first saw the world in 1961 in Jeddah. She rose to fame with her novels “Women at the Equator” and “Mind of Ill Repute.” Born and bred in Jeddah, Hifni embarked on her literary and journalistic voyage after graduating from King Abdulaziz University in 1993.

In 1987, Hifni began her journalism career, contributing to Saudi newspapers like Al-Bilad and Al-Madinah, and eventually reaching international readers through Al-Sharq Al-Awsat. Her insightful columns, especially in Al-Sharq Al-Awsat over five years, have highlighted key social and humanitarian issues globally.

Zainab Hifni is known for challenging norms in Arab culture, often sparking debate with her bold use of sexual themes. Critics have sometimes dismissed her work as attention-seeking and conventional. Nevertheless, her daring approach led to restrictions on her travel and writing, notably after “Women at the Equator.”

Her literary repertoire is rich and diverse, featuring works like “Message to a Man,” “Wajdaniyat,” and “Your Shackles or My Freedom.” Zainab Hifni’s “Middle East Mirrors,” a collection of her Al-Sharq Al-Awsat articles, particularly stands out for its critical perspective. Her presence in regional and international literary events, like the Cairo International Book Fair and Damascus Literary Salon, highlights her significant role in the literary world.

Active in cultural forums, Hifni has participated in events like the Women and Writing Symposium in Morocco and the pioneering feminist seminar “Women, Creativity, and History.” In these forums, she has delivered lectures on impactful themes such as “Women’s Role in Making History,” showcasing her dedication to crucial social topics. Her involvement in poetry evenings and literary discussions further demonstrates her deep commitment to cultural and literary dialogues.

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