A Life in Administration

Publishing House: Arab Institute for Research & Publishing

Publication Year: 2009

Genre: Biography

Number of Pages: 358

 “Ghazi A. Algosaibi‘s ‘A Life in Administration’ is a riveting autobiographical account that chronicles his journey from early educational stages to his appointment as Ambassador to London in 1992. This book stands as one of his most notable works, reprinted over 19 times. In 2018, the Saudi Ministry of Education included it in the high school curriculum to introduce students to practical management skills, as depicted through Algosaibi’s real-life experiences.

In this book, Algosaibi shares his experiences and management styles during his various official positions. He narrates various incidents, humorous anecdotes, and challenges he faced. Deriving from these experiences valuable guidelines for administrators in general and particularly for the youth.

Algosaibi discusses various topics, including the tactics used by the Zionist lobby, as he perceives them. He describes how speakers at Arab lectures often provoked by Zionists or their sympathizers. Leading to the speaker losing their composure and audience. Additionally, he also details a strategy employed by Zionists to boost the popularity of books they favor. This involves members of Zionist organizations requesting copies of a particular book from various bookstores across the US. Artificially inflating its demand and pushing it onto bestseller lists.

A notable quote from the book reflects Algosaibi’s philosophy on teaching: “A subject must be interesting to be beneficial, and it must be simplified to be interesting. A teacher must put in multiple times the effort of the student for the subject to be beneficial, exciting, and simple.”

Furthermore, Algosaibi also delves into the debate surrounding the nature of administration. Asserting that the essential focus should be on the end results rather than on whether administration is an art or a science. Whether administrative skills are innate or acquired, or whether an administrator’s personality or culture plays a crucial role. For him, what truly matters in administrative leadership is the outcome.

‘A Life in Administration’ offers a blend of personal narrative, management insights, and commentary on broader socio-political issues. It is a testament to Algosaibi’s multifaceted career and his profound understanding of the complexities of management and leadership.”

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