A Muslim Suicide

Publishing House: Syracuse University Press

Publication Year: 2011

Genre: Novel

Number of Pages: 424

Bensalem Himmich’s award-winning novel, “A Muslim Suicide,” immerses readers in the captivating odyssey of Ibn Sab’in, a radical Sufi philosopher from Spain. Driven into African exile by his provocative beliefs and later banished from Egypt, Ibn Sab’in seeks refuge in Mecca during his final years. Himmich skillfully traces this tumultuous journey, weaving a narrative that introduces a diverse cast of characters engaging Ibn Sab’in in dialogues exploring themes of identity and moral responsibility.

Set against the backdrop of a politically charged 13th-century Islamic world, the novel artfully melds historical facts with creative imagination to reconstruct the intellectual discourse of the era. As societal stability crumbles, replaced by political and social upheaval, figures like Ibn Sab’in embark on spiritual quests for deeper understanding. The story becomes a window into a time when individuals grappled with profound questions amidst the turbulence of their surroundings.

Himmich’s narrative prowess shines as he crafts a relatable and multi-dimensional portrayal of Ibn Sab’in. The character’s complexities are laid bare, making him accessible to a broad readership. Through rich dialogues and nuanced exploration, the novel not only delves into the personal struggles of its protagonist but also serves as a mirror reflecting the broader societal shifts and philosophical inquiries of the time.

“A Muslim Suicide” stands as a testament to Himmich’s ability to blend history and fiction seamlessly, providing readers with not only a gripping tale of one man’s journey but also a profound exploration of the intellectual landscape of a bygone era. As Ibn Sab’in grapples with his beliefs and searches for meaning, the novel resonates as a poignant commentary on the enduring human quest for understanding in the face of political and existential challenges.

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