Abduh Anglo

Publishing House: Madarek Publishing House

Publication Year: 2022

Genre: Short Stories

Number of Pages: 108

In “Abduh Anglo” by Khaled Al-Samiti, readers are enveloped by a narrative that simultaneously captivates with a singular character and suggests a multiplicity of presence and difference. This character “Abduh Anglo”, a narrator who deftly weaves through the heroics of various stories set against diverse backdrops, offers insights into time, the burden of age, distant cities, and the youthful aspirations of a young man encountering different cultures and civilizations.

This collection is marked by a familiar memory that the readers know well. And a profound writing style that neither overly indulges in nostalgia nor escapes it. Al-Samiti’s writing succinctly poses questions without relying on straightforward answers. The central character architecturally designs perspectives across different directions and years, demonstrating the author’s experienced writing style that avoids dwelling on regret or providing unnecessary explanations or descriptions for the characters’ many thwarted ambitions.

Each story in the collection intriguingly reveals transformations of beings who are precisely presented and rich in their daily intricacies. The narratives span from the neighborhoods of Riyadh to the streets of Manhattan. From the far southwest of the Kingdom to the far east in Shanghai, building a mosaic of tales dear and simultaneously tormenting to the author. Each with its unique and sharp conclusion.

Furthermore, Al-Samiti’s collection can be seen as a showcase of language’s uniqueness within its own sphere. Tightly gripping the reader in stories ablaze with character movement. The bitterness of love, and the authority of defeat.

After a hiatus from writing that may have spanned over a decade. Reading Khaled Al-Samiti feels like a reacquaintance with his distinctive style. Accordingly, it’s as if one is reading him for the first time. With a sense of wonder that is worthy of celebration. The collection stands as a testament to the vitality of the short story genre in the hands of a writer. Who though absent, is very much present in the literary world.

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