Publishing House: Jadawel

Publication Year: 2021

Genre: Novel

Number of Pages: 208

Abdullah bin Bakheet‘s “Al-Dahow” intricately tells the story of a man returning to Riyadh after decades, seeking his past. The narrative explores the old neighborhoods of Riyadh, delving into the lives of its inhabitants and the city’s rapid transformations.

At the core is Nasser, emerging from fifty years in prison to rediscover his past in the now vastly changed streets of Riyadh. While occasionally repetitive, the novel remains engaging, offering a compelling reading journey.

The novel’s conclusion, particularly its last ten pages, evokes deep nostalgia for old Riyadh, untouched by modernization. Bakheet‘s writing, filled with affection for cherished memories, captures the essence of the city’s history and the intimate connections it holds.

Despite narrative flaws, “Al-Dahow” stands out for its authentic portrayal of memory and societal changes. Through Nasser’s story, Bakheet skillfully navigates neighborhood romances and the evolving landscape of Riyadh.

The novel’s value lies in its rich tapestry of stories and characters, making it a significant addition to the genre of historical and societal fiction. It presents a captivating exploration of human relationships, love, and the complexities of a transforming city.

Overall, while “Al-Dahow” may not be Bakheet’s best work, its depiction of memory and love for a shared past resonates deeply. It serves as a testament to Bakheet’s skill as a storyteller and his evident affection for Riyadh’s history, despite its narrative shortcomings.

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