Al-Muluk Al-Muhtasibun

Al-Muluk Al-Muhtasibun: Al-Amr Bil Ma'ruf Wa Al-Nahi An Al-Munkar in Saudi Arabia 1927-2007

Publishing House: Al Mesbar

Publication Year: 2012

Genre: Religions

Number of Pages: 152

“Mansour Al-Nogaidan’s “Al-Muluk Al-Muhtasibun: Al-Amr Bil Ma’ruf Wa Al-Nahi An Al-Munkar in Saudi Arabia 1927-2007” offers a detailed exploration of the Hisbah concept in Islamic thought and its roots in Saudi Arabia. This book analyzes the Saudi religious police’s evolution over eight decades. The book thoroughly documents key events and shifts in the Committee’s influence and operations.

Al-Nogaidan investigates the Committee’s creation, key influencers, and the support it garnered from judges and scholars. The book assesses the Committee’s actions and media portrayal, reflecting diverse Saudi and intellectual perspectives.

“Al-Muluk Al-Muhtasibun” delves into the Committee’s journey within the Kingdom, examining its autonomy, societal interactions, and governmental ties as a control mechanism.

Religiously, it enforces adherence, even in controversial issues among Islamic sects, underlining Wahhabism’s influence in Saudi politics. Politically, the Saudi state employs the Committee to intertwine religion with domestic politics, legitimizing its rule. This is seen through royal decrees and leaders’ speeches, using the Committee to stabilize the throne.

Socially, the book highlights the Al Al-Sheikh family’s dominance and the Najdi region’s influence over the Committee. Al-Nogaidan’s analysis covers the Committee’s historical evolution and its shaping of Saudi society, religion, politics, and social norms.

Finally, “Al-Muluk Al-Muhtasibun” reflects on the future trajectory of the Committee. Al-Nogaidan speculates on potential reforms and the evolving role of religion in Saudi governance. His insights offer a thought-provoking perspective on the direction of Saudi society and its religious institutions.

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