Publishing House: Majdalawi

Publication Year: 2010

Genre: Novel

Number of Pages: 277

“Al-Thaqalan,” penned by Dr. Saleh Al-Shady and released by Majdalawi Publishing, spans 300 pages. It skillfully blends religion and science, exploring the captivating, mysterious world of jinn and demons.

Set in the late 1950s, the story unfolds in “Al-Safra,” a serene village perched at the desert’s edge. At its heart lies a large mud house with a modest farm, graced by palm trees and silk plants. As cities encroach, the village’s youth leave traditional farming for urban opportunities, changing its demographic.

The novel intricately explores the intertwined existence of humans and jinn. Set against a 1950s backdrop, it delves into various social issues of the era. Rich in religious and scientific insights, it addresses the enigmatic realm of jinn and demons, which remains shrouded in mystery.

The story invites readers into a setting where old-world charm confronts growing modernity, highlighting the societal changes of that era. It not only investigates the mystical world of jinn and demons but also mirrors the cultural and religious beliefs that have influenced human understanding of these entities. Dr. Al-Shady’s work is a distinctive literary piece, merging historical insights, cultural depth, and an exploration of the supernatural.

The novel concludes with a profound reflection on the nature of existence, challenging readers to ponder the complex interplay between faith, science, and the human condition. “Al-Thaqalan” is not just a story about jinn and humans; it is a meditation on the mysteries of life and the endless quest for understanding in a constantly evolving world. Dr. Al-Shady’s novel thus stands as a significant literary work, offering a unique perspective on timeless themes.

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