Al-Waraq: Amali Al-Ala’a

Publishing House: Dar El-Shorouk

Publication Year: 2023

Genre: Novel

Number of Pages: 162

Ala al-Din “Ibn al-Nafis” lived for eighty years, witnessing during that time immense upheavals and significant events: the Crusades and the horrific seventh campaign against Damietta and northern Egypt, the Mongol invasion and the fall of Baghdad at the hands of Hulagu, power struggles between the last generation of the Ayyubids and the first generation of the Mamluk rulers, the rebellion of Husn al-Din Tha’lab, and the intense conflicts between Aqtai, Aybak, Qutuz, Baibars, and Qalawun.

“Ibn al-Nafis” was closely involved in all of this; he was the personal physician to Al-Zahir Baibars and the chief physician of Egypt and the Levant. Despite the turbulence of his times, he never ceased to write on medicine, thought, and the sciences of his era, leaving behind thousands of pages. So how did “Ibn al-Nafis” live, and what did he dictate to “Al-Waraq,” who was forty years his junior and lived forty years after him? This is what this novel tells us.

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