Publishing House: Beesan

Publication Year: 2010

Genre: Novel

Number of Pages: 127

In “Alzheimer’s” a novel by Ghazi Al-Qosaibi, the protagonist, Yaqoub Al-Aryan, finds himself in a challenging and poignant situation. Standing before a perfume seller, Yaqoub intends to buy his wife’s favorite “Eccentrics.” However, when asked by the seller what he wishes to purchase, he struggles in vain to recall the name. Despite the seller’s attempts to assist him, Yaqoub cannot remember the name of the perfume, a detail so intimately connected to his wife. After minutes of evident distress, Yaqoub leaves the store, promising the sympathetic seller with a smile that he’ll return with the name written down.

In a letter to his wife from the hospital where he is being treated for Alzheimer’s, Yaqoub Al-Aryan reflects on his condition, describing it as a very aristocratic disease. He mentions that it has afflicted several elite figures in the West. Reagan is quoted as saying, “This is a beautiful disease! You meet the same people and think you are seeing new faces every day.” Yaqoub’s narrative in the novel brings to light the personal struggles and societal perceptions associated with Alzheimer’s, a condition that transcends social and economic boundaries, affecting individuals from all walks of life.

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