Anta Li

Anta Li

Publishing House: Atyaf Publishing

Publication Year: 2007

Genre: Novel

Number of Pages: 1607

“Anta Li” by Mona Al-Marshoud spans over 15 years, a period marked by the ebb and flow of war and peace. The central narrative revolves around Raghad, an orphaned girl who, at the tender age of three, moves to live with her uncle’s family. In her new home, a deep bond forms with cousin Walid, a constant presence. Their connection is symbolized from the moment Raghad, still mastering her speech, innocently jumbles Walid’s name into “Anta Li” (You Are Mine), unwittingly declaring a profound attachment.

The story explores the evolution of their relationship, which begins in childhood and endures through the trials of growing up. Despite the physical distance and life’s twists, their fondness for each other remains unaltered. As they transition into adulthood, with Raghad blossoming into womanhood and Walid into manhood, their journey becomes increasingly challenging. Walid faces the hardship of imprisonment for several years, only to return to find Raghad engaged to his brother, Samer.

Throughout the various stages of Raghad and Walid’s lives, they experience a series of separations and reunions. Circumstances draw them back together each time they drift apart, only to separate them again. In the journey’s final stage, they reunite, indicating a lasting bond.

“Anta Li” is a tale of enduring love, resilience, and the complexities of human relationships. It delves into how love can persist through adversities and separations, and how fate intertwines lives in unexpected ways. The novel testifies to love’s enduring power, prevailing through time and circumstance for a lasting reunion.

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