Arabian Love Poems

Arabian Love Poems

Publishing House: Three Continents Pr

Publication Year: 1999

Genre: Poetry

Number of Pages: 225

Nizar Kabbani’s poetry, hailed as mightier than all Arab regimes combined by the Lebanese Daily Star, continues to echo through every Arab heart and home. Sulhi Al-Wadi, in a reflective piece for Tishreen, likened Kabbani to “water, bread, and the sun,” with verses brimming with the “harmony of the heart” and the “melody of love.” “Arabian Love Poems” emerges as the very first English-language compilation of his profound work.

Kabbani, a poet celebrated for his simplicity, directness, and musicality, wove the language of everyday life into his verses. A fervent advocate for women’s rights, he passionately extolled the beauty of the female form and love. This poet, paradoxically both an Arab nationalist and a critic of Arab dictators and the dearth of freedom in the Arab world, identified himself with the Damascene spirit. In his words, “If you dissect my body, grapes and apples will come out of it. If you open my veins with your knife, you will hear in my blood the voices of those who have departed.”

Within the pages of this collection, Frangieh and Brown’s refined translations are juxtaposed with the Arabic originals, meticulously crafted by Kabbani himself.

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