Publishing House: Atlantic Books

Publication Year: 2012

Genre: Novel

Number of Pages: 320

In his compelling and provocative English-language debut, Youssef Ziedan tackles issues that remain as pertinent today as they were 1,500 years ago.

Unfolding in the 5th century AD, Azazeel masterfully recounts the odyssey of a Coptic monk named Hypa, who journeys from Upper Egypt to Alexandria and onward to Syria amidst a period of significant turmoil within the early Christian Church.

Along his physical and metaphysical voyage, Hypa confronts Azazeel, a demonic figure, along with the rigors of intense temptation. Oscillating between resistance and succumbing to his carnal yearnings, Hypa discovers that sensual gratification and spiritual awakening can indeed be different facets of the same experience.

Awarded the Arab Booker Prize, Azazeel illuminates how human civilization has been distorted by avarice and greed from its inception. It also shows how Hypa’s convictions are tested not just by the malevolence of Azazeel, but also by the ethical degradation within the early Church.

Rendered in precise and evocative prose that mirrors the barren elegance of the Syrian terrain, Azazeel is a work that challenges us to reconsider long-standing assumptions and explore a forgotten history.

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