Children of Al-Adham

Children of Al-Adham

Publishing House: Jadawel

Publication Year: 2016

Genre: Novel

Number of Pages: 184

“Children of Al-Adham,” a novel by Jubair Al-Malihan, unfolds amidst the Aja and Salma mountains of Saudi Arabia’s Hail region. Al-Malihan, a native of this area, infuses the story with rich geographical details. Instead of leaning on historical legends, he crafts a new tale embedded in the landscape of Hail.

The narrative style of “Children of Al-Adham” is light and engaging, resembling a folk tale. Al-Malihan skillfully interlaces Hail’s history, its mountains, caves, valleys, and wildlife.

He explores the lives and ambitions of inhabitants seeking a better future. Each segment of the book stands as a short story, collectively forming a larger, immersive narrative that encapsulates Hail’s spirit, echoing love, resolve, generosity, and kindness.

Al-Malihan, in his reflections, notes his deliberate choice of a familiar geographical setting to anchor this mythical tale. He aims to mirror the simplicity and fluidity of the dialect from ancient times.

At the core of the story is a profound, liberating union between Salma and her lover. Their bond, filled with raw emotion, understanding, and tenderness, is amplified by the surrounding nature. Nature’s elements – palm trees, mountains, wind, and more – bless and celebrate their love. In their moment of bliss, the couple is lost in their world, deeply immersed in their unique expression of love.

“Children of Al-Adham” epitomizes Al-Malihan’s profound love and respect for Hail’s cultural and natural heritage. It weaves the region’s ancient legends and geography with universal themes of human emotion and connection, as enduring as the mountains themselves.

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