City of a Billion Opinions

Publishing House: Dawen for Publishing and Distribution

Publication Year: 2021

Genre: Studies

Number of Pages: 143

City of a Billion Opinions” is a 143-page book in which the author, Mohammed AbdelRahman, reveals how “the world is a small screen controlled by algorithms invented by a human like us, but they slip from his hands and become the controller of those holding the screens and even its makers if necessary.”

In today’s world, Marshall McLuhan’s notion of a global village has transformed into a “small screen” culture. Despite virtual isolation, we’re intricately interconnected, impacted by global events both positively and negatively.

“City of a Billion Opinions” delves into this phenomenon, particularly in Egypt and the Arab world. It cautions against social media addiction, highlighting the proliferation of digital diseases and their societal implications.

Author Mohammed AbdelRahman focuses on psychological and societal ailments rather than physical repercussions. The book serves as a guide for self-reflection and societal change.

Each chapter dissects a digital malady, tracing its origins and evolution through various communication platforms. It parallels an ongoing pandemic of multi-virus proportions, overwhelming our psyche and comprehension.

The evolution of social media platforms has brought unforeseen consequences. Deadly challenges on apps like TikTok underscore the gravity of our digital era.

Questions abound regarding the originators of these challenges and the societal impact. Yet, blaming individuals won’t address the underlying issue.

Instead, acknowledging the problem is crucial. We must actively seek solutions rather than passively waiting for miracles.

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