Customary Veil: Archaeology of Generosity

Publishing House: Madarek

Publication Year: 2021

Genre: Language

Number of Pages: 141

In this book, Saeed takes the reader to new pathways of thought, paths filled with confusion and doubt. He stirs many matters that were always taken for granted in the reader’s mind, making the reader think about the matter from a different angle and view it with a fresh perspective. He discusses the ‘archaeology of generosity’ not as an isolated individual term, but as a reflection of the history of an entire nation. The book relies more on posing questions and provoking them in the reader than providing answers.

He analyzed the linguistic structures of poetic experiences about generosity in a distinct rhetorical manner, revealing a hidden aspect that no one had touched upon regarding the meanings of these poems. The author reads these texts as a discourse aimed at consecrating the value of generosity as an inherent trait in the Arab character, unrelated to the nature of the life they lived. Through this book, he attempts to deconstruct this discourse and connect generosity with a society of scarcity.

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