Daughter of the Tigris

Publishing House: MacLehose Press

Publication Year: 2019

Genre: Novel

Number of Pages: 384

“Daughter of the Tigris” by Muhsin Al-Ramli is a compelling narrative set in the backdrop of a tumultuous period in Iraq, following the critically acclaimed novel “The President’s Gardens.” The story unfolds during the Ramadan in a war-stricken Iraq, a land described metaphorically as ‘without bananas’, symbolizing a place stripped of its simplicity and joy. Amidst this chaos, the protagonist, Qisma, embarks on a poignant journey to Baghdad alongside her soon-to-be husband, with a mission to unearth the remains of her father amidst the countless casualties of a brutal war.

Tariq, Qisma’s fiancé, sees their union as more than just a marriage of convenience. Captivated by Qisma’s beauty and modernity, he yearns for a deeper connection, both physical and emotional. However, Tariq, a sheikh rooted in refined tradition, faces the challenge of harmonizing his life with Qisma, an embodiment of contemporary Iraqi womanhood.

Set against the backdrop of political turmoil following the overthrow of the President, Iraq transforms into a battleground for power-hungry leaders, each vying to claim the vacant throne. Amidst this power struggle, Qisma is engulfed by fear – fear for her son’s safety and the looming threat of her father’s killers seeking vengeance. Her story is a vivid portrayal of the relentless struggle for survival in a country ravaged by conflict.

Qisma’s narrative is not just one of survival but also of ambition. Her aspirations to carve out a piece of Iraq for herself depict the human tendency to seek control in times of uncertainty. However, this ambition, likened to a perilous drug, could potentially lead to her undoing. “Daughter of the Tigris” is a tale of resilience, fear, and the consequences of ambition set in a nation scarred by war, where survival is a daily battle, and the quest for power is a double-edged sword.

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