Existence and Consciousness: Resuming Phenomenology

Publishing House: Al- Rafedain

Publication Year: 2010

Genre: Philosophy

Number of Pages: 376

“Existence and Consciousness: Resuming Phenomenology” by Shayea Bin Hethal Al-Wuqayan is a profound philosophical work that addresses some of the challenges arising from the idealistic turn in Husserl’s phenomenology. One of the primary issues the book tackles is the slip into a form of cognitive subjectivism that posits the self as not only the source of meaning but also the origin of existence itself. Al-Wuqayan’s work critically engages with this perspective and offers a thoughtful exploration into the realm of philosophy of mind and existence.

The book develops the concept of the ‘thing-in-itself’ (noumenon) from Kantian philosophy, attempting to provide clear evidence and justification for its existence. Al-Wuqayan argues that the ‘thing-in-itself’ is the starting point of ‘numerology,’ viewed as both a continuation and transcendence of phenomenology. Through this approach, he proposes a new conception of existence that paves the way for establishing a type of realistic thought, countering the successive shocks experienced by postmodern thought.

Al-Wuqayan, known for his weekly philosophical, scientific, and critical articles in the Saudi newspaper Okaz, as well as his involvement in political and social issues, has significantly contributed to the philosophical discourse. His work in founding the Riyadh Philosophical Circle and his active participation in it reflect his commitment to advancing philosophical thought and debate.

“Existence and Consciousness: Resuming Phenomenology” stands out as a significant contribution to contemporary philosophical literature. It challenges the prevailing trends in postmodern philosophy, advocating for a return to a more grounded, realistic understanding of existence and consciousness. Al-Wuqayan’s exploration of Kant’s ‘thing-in-itself’ is particularly notable for its attempt to reconcile phenomenological insights with the realities of existence, offering a fresh perspective on long-standing philosophical debates.

The book is an essential read for anyone interested in phenomenology, the philosophy of mind, or the ongoing discussions in postmodern philosophy. Al-Wuqayan’s work is not just an academic exercise; it is a thoughtful and rigorous inquiry into the nature of reality, existence, and human consciousness, offering new insights and directions for philosophical thought.

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