For Bread Alone

For Bread Alone

Publishing House: Telegram Books

Publication Year: 2006

Genre: Novel

Number of Pages: 169

Mohamed and his family departed from their home in the Rif region, driven by the cruel grip of famine and the hope for a brighter future in Tangier. Unfortunately, his father’s quest for employment ended in frustration, leading to his abusive treatment of Mohamed’s mother. The situation deteriorated to a tragic extent, culminating in the loss of Mohamed’s younger brother.

Upon relocating to another province, Mohamed’s life took a darker turn. He turned to theft and indulged in vices like drugs and alcohol. Eventually, he returned to Tangier and found himself entangled in the turmoil of the 1952 independence riots. It was within the confines of a jail cell that his life took a pivotal turn when a fellow inmate introduced him to the world of poetry.

This extraordinary book, notable for its explicit content, faced censorship in many Arab countries. Nonetheless, in 1982, three decades after its initial creation, Dar Al-Saqi published the Arabic version. It’s worth noting that numerous translations of the book had been available well before the Arabic version’s release.

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