Fractured Destinies

Fractured Destinies

Publishing House: Hoopoe

Publication Year: 2018

Genre: Novel

Number of Pages: 264

Fractured Destinies In the 1940s, during the tumultuous period of the Nakba, Palestinian-Armenian Ivana defied convention by eloping with a British doctor and moving to England. Decades later, her daughter Julie is entrusted with the poignant task of returning her mother’s ashes to their ancestral home in Acre.

Accompanied by her husband Walid, Julie departs London to undertake a sentimental journey back to their homeland.

Structured in four segments, akin to the movements of a concerto, Rabai al-Madhoun’s groundbreaking novel delves into the intricacies of Palestinian exile, complete with its multifaceted loyalties and identities.

The narrative is expansive in its historical scope, unraveling the daily tragedies that mark Palestinian existence.

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