From the Bottom of the Well

From the bottom of the well

Publishing House: Athar Publishing House

Publication Year: 2023

Genre: Novel

Number of Pages: 173

The novel “From the Bottom of the Well” by the Jordanian writer Amal Alharithi , published in 2023 by Athar Publishing and Distribution, spans approximately 173 pages with a cover designed by Ahmed Al-Sabbagh.

The novel revolves around the struggles of a twenty-year-old woman with the issue of honor in Arab society. A sudden event triggers reflection, awakening the mind and cleansing the heart.

A poignant question arises in “From the Bottom of the Well”: “What more does she need to believe she is loved and kind?! Rose, her family, Tota, and everyone she met here loved her. The Pasha’s daughter and the girl of the night, why then does she continue to live in the prison of that girl whose father mistakes her name, and her mother places all the household chores on her because her fair-skinned sisters are candidates to be brides while she is not.

Losing a parent’s love is deeply painful, feeling rejected by the one who gave life. Despite abundant love, she couldn’t nurture her inner child, abandoned and deprived of parental care. This stinginess is unmatched by any other stinginess in the world, and its wounds cannot be healed.”

The Impactful Narrative of ‘From the Bottom of the Well’ by Amal Alharithi

“From the Bottom of the Well” serves as a nail striking into the coffin of injustice and the imprisonment of freedoms.

In her novel, Amal Alharithi explores severe psychological illnesses and common complexes among closed-minded individuals.

The novel exposes the horrifying truths that rival the severity of the crime of “wad” in a society where love is a major crime and injustice is a force. Across Arab countries, events unfold, offering geographical insight into a survivor’s journey, marked by shock, shaping her new world through encounters driven by life’s force.

The events in “From the Bottom of the Well” escalate with the pursuit of sinners who have scattered, seeking retribution from them in a way that is difficult to predict! Amid virtue and vice, reverence, and repression, and rebellion with submission, the writer reshapes reality for a brighter future.

The voice of triumph rises from the well’s depths for the deprived woman seeking freedom, lacking protection from harsh reality.

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