From the Orient and the Desert

From the Orient and the Desert

Publishing House: Kegan Paul

Publication Year: 1994

Genre: Poetry

Number of Pages: 34

“From the Orient and the Desert,” first published in 1994, is a captivating collection of fifteen poems by Ghazi A. Algosaibi, a renowned Saudi Arabian intellectual and former government minister. Pencil-drawn illustrations by Andrew Vicari beautifully complement this anthology, enhancing the poetic experience. The collection includes a variety of poems, each with its unique theme and emotional depth, such as “The Orient,” “Rain,” “Let us Briefly Dream,” “Small Thoughts,” “The Curse,” “Yearning,” “When Yara Smiles,” “Your Eyes,” “Sadness,” “When I Am with You,” “Can You?,” “Words of Love,” “A Song,” “A Man Dies,” and “Sahara.”

The author, esteemed in literature and politics, once served as Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Education and Electricity. His extensive experience in these realms adds a unique perspective to his poetry. The poet wrote the poems with ease and spontaneity, yet they resonate with freshness and authenticity. The author’s ability to write quickly, without appearing labored, lends a natural flow and accessibility to his work, making it engaging for a wide range of readers.

The re-emergence of this collection in print is a welcome event for those familiar with Algosaibi’s work. The author’s passion for poetry is evident in his writing, which has the power to connect deeply with readers. His style is straightforward yet profound, capturing the complexities of human emotion and experience.

“From the Orient and the Desert” stands as a testament to Algosaibi’s skill as a poet and his significant contributions to the literary world. The anthology explores diverse themes, from introspection to vivid passion, offering insights into the human condition and the natural world. This collection is not only a reflection of Algosaibi’s literary prowess but also a showcase of his profound understanding of the human psyche and the cultural landscape of the Orient and the desert.

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