Publishing House: Yatakhayaloon

Publication Year: 2013

Genre: Novel

Number of Pages: 310

“Hawjan” is a fantasy novel written by the Saudi author and director Ibrahim Abbas. It is the author’s first novel, first published in 2013, and was classified as one of the best-selling novels in Saudi Arabia.

The “Hawjan Novel” was translated into English and adapted into a film with the same name. It premiered as the first Saudi film to open the Red Sea International Film Festival in 2023. Currently, it is being screened in Egypt. The film is directed by Yasser Alyaseri and produced through a partnership agreement between Image Nation Abu Dhabi Fox Cinema and “MBC” Studios.

“Hawjan” is a fantasy literature novel that revolves around the realm of jinn and its mysteries in a simple style that captivates the reader. Ibrahim Abbas made sure to write it in classical Arabic interspersed with some simple Hijazi phrases that catch the reader’s attention.

The novel gained popularity due to its unique concept and fantastical events, taking us into a world filled with jinn secrets and mysteries. The author’s distinctiveness lies in narrating the events in an easy and simplified manner.

Controversy and Authorial Response: The Interpretation of “Hawjan” and its Message

The novel sparked controversy for delving into the world of jinn, facing criticism from many critics who accused it of associating with Allah, prompting the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice to initially consider banning it from markets. However, they later rescinded their decision. Some accused the novel of promoting Satan worship.

However, the author responded to these criticisms by stating that the novel is completely contrary to what is being said about it. It fights against magic and sorcery, explaining that the purpose of the novel is to demonstrate the extent to which customs and traditions control people’s lives and societies. The author emphasized the necessity of reading the entire novel before criticizing it.

The “Hawjan” novel tells the story of a love relationship that developed between a young man from the jinn world named “Hawjan bin Mijal al-Fijji,” the protagonist of the novel, who lives with his mother and is distinguished by his good looks among the jinn world, belonging to a respectable family.

Love and Sacrifice: The Storyline of “Hawjan”

Hawjan studied medicine and achieved high grades, a dream for every jinn girl in his world. He fell in love with a twenty-year-old girl from the human world named “Sawsan,” the daughter of Dr. Abdul Rahim, who works at the same university. She is a bright student at her university and has a cheerful face, facing many psychological pressures and problems in her life, yet she never loses her smile. This impressed the jinn Hawjan so much that he became infatuated with her to the point that he used the Ouija board that Sawsan played with her friends to convey his feelings to her.

The twist in this novel comes when Sawsan suffers a serious illness that requires her admission to the hospital, caused by the evil jinn Zaanam. This infuriates Hawjan, and he tries to help her in various ways. The only solution to save Sawsan from her coma was a great sacrifice on his part for his beloved, which is revealed in the events and ending of the novel.

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